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The Social Issue at Hand

Can you catch them...

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What is Over Censorship?

Definition of Censorship: The suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. (English Oxford Living Dictionaries)

Definition of Over: "At a higher level or layer than."  (English Oxford Living Dictionaries)

When you combine these two definitions together you create the term Over Censorship. The expression it's self mean to take the reasonable expectation of censorship and take it to the excess.

before they...

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Why is This a Problem?

Over Censorship is an issue because it crosses the line of acceptable censorship which was established to prohibit reckless, destructive, and oppressive products and behavior.

However sometimes this can be taken out of hand and therefore yield over censorship, which is entirely based on a matter of opinion and neglects to look into the intent of the product. Opting for the reasoning of, "If it's not what I like then it's wrong."

The problem with this behavior: well it leads to blockage in what is deemed socially acceptable and therefore creates barrier when it comes to thinking independently, freedom of expression, and intellectual conversation and mental expansion. 

catch [you].

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How Providence & CO. Using [Redacted] to Bring Awareness?

By creating the game [Redacted], Providence & CO. is able to showcase the difficulty that would come with living in a world where all the information you took in was already censored for you.

This is done through [Redacted] being a puzzled base game. The player must solve puzzles in order to move forward through the plot. However, the clues the player receives have been censored through redaction. This creates a level of difficulty for the player and forces them to think more critically in order to hopefully over come the authorities which have placed this limitation on them.

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